At our Hotel, you can choose between different activities for you and your family. Have a relaxing and enjoyable stay, filled with memorable experiences.

Your Excursions

The Hotel Dori d’Oro doesn’t just offer the sea: the surroundings of Irgoli lend themselves to very many outdoor activities, like trekking, horseback excursions, (upon booking also riding school) and amateur cycling. All activities allow you to admire the many natural monuments of the region, like the enormous granite stones sculpted by time and rich in testimony to ancient Nuragic settlements.
A short distance away in Mount Tuttavista or Doragli you can take part in sports like climbing.
There are many churches dating all the way back to 1200.

Popular Traditions

Our region is rich in popular traditions and local festivals, which throughout the year offer very many chances to relax for those seeking to take part in the various events in both the religious and secular sense.
An absolute must see are the evocative processions accompanied by numerous characters in Sardinian and knight costume or the masked carnival parades typical of the towns of central Sardinia, all easily reached from Irgoli.
By car, in just 30 minutes you can get to Nuoro, the birth city of Grazia Deledda, where you can visit the museum dedicated to the writer or where you can see the famous museum of costume.

The Sea and entertainment

What could be nicer than lazing in the sun on the beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Orosei or being carried away by the waves on board a comfortable pedalo.
If you love the thrill that the sea offers, take part in WindSurfing , which is very popular in the area.
For those who love wordliness and fun, Hotel Dori d’Oro, about 30 minutes by car from San Teodoro , is one of the most famous and lively areas on the Coast. Here you can spend fantastic evenings in the of the central bars or in the famous nightclubs.